FWC Camp

FWC stands for “Financial Wellbeing Camp”

Financial Wellbeing Camps are a 2 Hour educational & interactive programs which can be organized in companies, housing societies, clubs, associations & colleges to educate the participants on achieving financial wellbeing and help them get started with basics of managing their money in a better& more meaningful way.

We have done this camp in companies like Avaya India Pvt Ltd, Geometric Ltd,, Delphian Logic Technologies Pvt Ltd etc. To know more about the details of the camp being done by us, CLICK HERE.

If you want to host any such camp either in your club, your company etc, kindly fill up the “Contact us” form which is there in the side bar.

To know more about this camp, do refer the Q&A below:

 1. What is Financial Wellbeing
Ans: Financial Wellbeing is that state of being wherein a person is making the most efficient use of financial resources, is in a position to absorb any financial shocks, is on track for meeting current & future financial goals, and has a feeling of peace & satisfaction about financial life. Financial Wellbeing can be achieved by any individual / family irrespective of their income level or wealth level.
2. What Content Gets Covered in the Camps?

Ans: Typical the following topics / contents gets covered in each Camp. But we can tailor-make the sessions based the audience category;

  •  Making the best use of Financial Resources – Income, Expenditure, Assets, Liabilities
  •  Being Prepared to face any Financial Shocks – Job Loss, Accidental
  •  Disability, Medical Emergencies, Death in Family, Natural Disasters
  •  Being on track to achieve Financial Goals – Children’s Education,
  •  Buying a House, Retirement & other family obligations and dreams
  •  Comparison of Investment Options available for Retail Investors –
  •  Risk, Return, Tax, Duration, Liquidity, Suitability etc
  •  Avoiding common mistakes of savings and investments

3. Who can Host Financial Wellbeing Camps

Ans: Financial Wellbeing Camps can be organized for stakeholders of the following types of organizations.
 Companies & Corporates for their employees
 Clubs, NGOs & Associations for their members
 Housing Societies for their residents
 Educational Institutes for their final year students

4. What audience size is required ?

Ans: Audience Size can range anywhere from 15 to 100 participants. However the ideal audience size for a real impactful session is 30-50 participants.

5. Venue for hosting the Camps

Ans: Financial Wellbeing Camps are usually organized at the in-house training centres/conference halls of a company or meeting halls, community halls of the clubs / associations / housing societies. If the organization does not have any hall for the hosting the camp, then on a special request & based on availability of resources will try to arrange an economical venue at a nearby place.

6. Duration & Format of each Camp

Ans: We require about 2 Hours to deliver the sessions for each Camp which will also cover a Q&A session.

7. Who is funding this initiative?

Ans: Mutual Fund Companies have been mandated to spend 2 basis points of their Assets under Management by the government regulatory body SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) on Investor Awareness Programs (IAP). The campaign costs & organizing efforts are being funded by the Mutual Fund Companies from their IAP funds.

8. Will you try o sell / market anything?

Ans: NO. FW Camps initiative is being taken with an intention to reach out to consumers, create awareness about need for financial planning and also be of service to society. We will refrain from any sales or promotional content / activities. However if participants want to avail of services from me, they can do so by contacting me directly after the Camp.

9. Who is Network FP?

Ans: Network FP is the organizer of this initiative / campaign. Network FP is a nation-wide network and a knowledge sharing platform for financial planners & advisors in India. It helps advisors to build a client-centric, process-driven and knowledge-based financial advisory practice through its various training programs and national conferences.

10. How to proceed if interested?

Ans: For scheduling the Camp at your place or if you need any further information or assistance, kindly fill up the contact details form.