Protection Planning (360 degree)

How to create 360 protection planning

Life has so many uncertainities and its difficult to safeguard oneself from all of them. But through different kind of insurance, you can to some extent minimize the impact of those uncertainities.

The Following Things Would Be Covered Under This Service.

  •  How to create a circle of protection around your income , your life, your family from the uncertainties so that you do not suffer financially.
  •  How these 4 insurance (term plan, disability insurance, health insurance, Critical illness plan) will create that circle of protection.
  •  Do’s and don’t while buying these policies.
  •  Advising you on the best insurance policy across all the 4 categories which suits your requirement.
  •  Advising you on the most cost effective and smartest way of increasing your health insurance, if you already have one.
  •  Advising you on health insurance plans especially for your parents, in case you are looking for the same.
  •  Counselling you on Why not to be dependant on insurance benefits given by your employer.
  •  Emergency Fund Planning
  •  Assistance in claim settlement (if policy are sourced through us).
  •  An online secured login through which you can access all your insurance policy documents (If policy are sourced through us).