Mahesh Mahajan - Pune

Thank you Dinesh for all your support and help during the tough time I faced. I appreciate and thank you and  your team for great care and advice. You and your team has done great job in helping  me in  answering all the queries that Insurance company has raised against the claim. you and your team yourself drafted the letters for me to do the follow up  and answer the queries  and register  the complaint against the insurance company. Even after your great support, insurance company had rejected my claim and I had lost the hopes but still you and your team had not lost the hopes and you advise me to register the case in Insurance Ombudsman.

I got the  graet service from you and your company in filing the case in Insurance ombudsman and follow up of the same and the result of this is Insurance company has  agreed to pay me  the  claim of amount RS.159000 .

Thank you specially to you for your patient assistance during the state of confusion and helping me bundle  everything  together. Without your efforts and hard work it wouldn’t have been possible to get my money from the insurance company.

Thanks once again for all job well done.

Gunjan Sethi & Jannie Baj - Bangalore

I was aware about the importance of financial planning but I was not knowing from where and how to start on this. Then I came to know about Dinesh through my friend. Now, I have been associated with him from past 3 months. Initially I was a bit reluctant but as our multiple discussion happened I started feeling that its a right decision I have made to have him as my financial advisor.
He is handling my complete financial planning which includes, mutual fund and fixed deposit investment and tax planning. He helped me in understanding my priorities on my future goals and how I can achieve all these without doing any compromise on my current expenses. He is very discipline and honest in his approach. He is not a kind of person who enforce any of his decision/thoughts. He is well researched known in-out of investment strategies which help us to plan for long and short term financial goal.
I would highly recommend him as a Financial Advisor.

Shirish Kashinath gijare - Pune

I have been taking the investment advisory services of Mr. Dinesh Jain from last 8 years and this long association has been really good. Time to time whenever I have approached him for any query related to my investment, I have been given good service.

Early retirement has been there in my mind from last 2 years but I was not sure whether it would be financially viable or not. But with the expert advice of Mr. Dinesh, now I am quite sure in terms of what to do that is whether to take early retirement or not.

I have also opted for his insurance service under which I have done my car insurance as well as my mediclaim from him. Especially with regards to the claim settlement of mediclaim, I had to claimed twice (reimbursement claim) in last one and half year and both the time I got the claim settled within 4 to 5 days of submission of document with the help of Mr. Dinesh.

Kalyani & Anand Bhagwat - Pune

"Helping people to take an informed decision in the area of money, insurance and investment."
That's exactly what Dinesh does.
The advice that he gives is totally unbiased - and as per the needs of the client.
He lives by his principles - and has great sincerity of purpose and integrity of character.
Dinesh is prompt to respond on email / sms.
(It's best not to contact him on phone since he may be in a meeting / conference / lecture.)

He has also been of tremendous help at the time of applying for our various health insurance claims explaining everything in simple (non-technical) language.

May God bless him.

Rajesh Jain - Nashik

How to manage the financial resources after retirement was a big concern for me. I was seeing many certain and uncertain factors. Then I happened to meet Mr. Dinesh Jain just before 2 months before retirement. He alsomade me aware of my present and future financial requirements. He made me aware that I must action now to take care of growing inflation rate in future. This was the way he induced the concept of “financial planning” in my mind. Keeping my financial goals in the view, He made a financial plan for me. In the simple language he explained me advantages and limitations of Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Equities and Liquid Funds

Nimish Kantawala - Anand (gujarat)

I am associated with Dineshji for last 12 years.

He is handling my complete financial planning which includes, mutual fund and fixed deposit investment and tax planning. During my association with him, I could build large mutual fund portfolio, which is giving very good long term returns. After availing financial planning services from him, my investments and asset allocation became much more diversified and full proof in terms of safety and achieving my desired goals because of which now I could plan for any emergency or contingency in much better way.

As of now I am retired person. I use to work in IT industry for Entech USB which is a UK based company. My last designation was Vice President.

Anant Vadnerkar - Pune

I am one of first few clients of Mr. Dinesh Jain from the day of inception of his financial services on his own. He is giving me services from 2008 in Pune.

I am retired Dy. General manager from Air India from 2005.

He has major contribution to settlement of my mutual fund investment mess. Now I have comfortable &peaceful retired life with no worries about existing investment, its return &total financial management. He is making proper records for the same & he gives updated status on quarterly basis. Due to technology application, mutual fund switch &redemption transfer to /from bank is on fingertips with least involvement of paper work.

He has a professional approach to work and gives me very prompt &precise services. Very efficient &fast service on time,is his main landmark. His availability on mobile, email, whats app is is very good. With his excellent background of education &updated knowledge of subject he makes his point very clear, not forcing opinion on client. He gives due respect to age &education/knowledge of customer &comes to best conclusion to suit customer goal &requirement. He understands client’s needs very well. In financial planning his annual projection chart, income due, month wise with dates & bank are excellent. Apart from this I take his insurance services for my car & oversea travel. My family is very confident & comfortable with him & full rely on him for all help to settle my financial issues after me. I have decided to appoint him as executer of my will along with my other relative.
Sometimes being away from India for long time I am very comfortable with all my transaction with him. This is additional point to note for his services.


Sarthy Vadnerkar - Pune

I have been working with Dinesh for well over 6 years. Dinesh, along with his well researched insights and investment strategies, also brings to the table high integrity, discipline and a long term financial growth vision. Now that there are more products & services added to his portfolio, that coupled with his critical analysis, certainly make Dinesh an excellent financial advisor. I would highly recommend him as a Financial Advisor & Coach.